tank mounted screw compressor dewate screw compressor potable screw air compressor air horse screw compressor refrigerated air dryer dryer and tank screw air compressor refrigerated air dryer-2 compressor-3 compressor-1 high pressure piston air compressor compressor-2 bare unit of compressor oil filter air filter line air filter screw air end desiccant dryer air receiver compressor-4 skeleton of bare unit

GCA provide you wide range of compressor spares from world famous manufacturer of compressor accessories.
Long since, GCA (’s consulting / engineering team) is tireless working for the distribution of industrial air compressor and quality service after sales. It also arrange to sell your second hand compressor as it basis and leads compressor rental support.

GCA offers user of compressor CE (European Conformity) and ISO 9001 standard industrial air compressor & compressor accessories / compressor oil /complete overhauling parts at very competitive price and much more www.compressorbd.com


Spare Parts

spare parts GCA is co-operated with international 100% OEM genuine/ alternative parts, compressor oil, etc manufacturer and supplier (e, g, Austria, Belgium, China, Germany, India, Italy, Tunisia and USA) but not associated with any manufacturer.
Available spare parts of reciprocating air cooled, water cooled, single/ double stage, inter cooler, after cooler, air receivers, filters & separators element of screw air compressors, grinding & metalizing of crank shaft, connecting rods, sleeving of cylinders & other accessories, reconditioning of valves, air pipe line fabrication of new & old compressor, piston rods, gaskets, mechanical seals, o rings rubber etc. Read More...


Miller Welds

  • big blue 400X CC/CV
  • big blue 450 duo cst
  • big blue 500 pro
  • gold star series
  • xmt 350/450 series

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