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The air filter can filter out dirt,oil and water.Depending on the type of compressed air filter,we can effectively remove up to 99.9% of these impurities.

Three types of elements are available

1.A grade 3 micron pre-filter
2.B grade 1 micron separator filter
3.C grade 0.01 micron separator filter

A Grade 3 Micron Pre-Filter

This 3 micron pre-filter has a 3 micron ceramic standard compressed air filter and water separator.It removes large liquid loads and all solid particles 3 micron and larger.This air filter can be used as a separator downstream of the after cooler of point-of-use filter where heavy liquid loads are expected(air systems without after coolers or dryers)

B Grade 1 Micron Air Line Filter

This 1 micron compressed air filter removes all liquid water,oil aerosols,and all solid particles 1 micron and larger.This ari filter can be used as a general filter for shop air,after filter for pressure wing desiccant dryers,and as a point-of-use filter on systems utilizing after coolers or dryers.

C Grade 0.01 Micron Air Line Filter

The 0.01 micron coalescing filters coalesce and remove 99.99% of oil aerosols for virtually oil free air.This air filter can be used with oil-lubricated compressors to produce oil free air for painting(spray and powder),molding for plastics,instrumentation and controls,fluid logic and air bearings.

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