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Big Blue® 400 X CC/CV

big blue 400X CC/CV-1

Superior arc performance

  • -Preset DIG settings (Stick)
  • -Hot Start™ (Stick)
  • -Lift-Arc ™TIG with Auto-Stop™ and Crater-out
  • -FCAW arc performance

Tailored arc control (DIG) allows the arc characteristics to be changed for specific applications and electrodes.Smooth running 7018 or stiffer, more penetrating 6010 electrodes.

Simple-to-set controls require no elaborate procedure —just select process and weld!

Auto Remote Sense™ (ARS) detects if a remote control is plugged into the 14-pin receptacle and eliminates confusion of the remote/panel switch.

Heavy-duty low-speed industrial engine is designed to operate over 10,000 hours before the first basic overhaul. Backed by worldwide support and service.

Meter maintenance displays

  • -Fuel gauge
  • -Hour meter function
  • -Oil change interval
  • -High coolant temperature and low oil pressure shutdowns
  • -Low fuel shutdown — engine shuts down before system runs out of fuel, making restarts easy

Quiet operation. Improves jobsite communication and safety.

Thermal overload protection prevents machine damage if the duty cycle is exceeded or airflow is blocked

High efficiency. Three-phase, rotating-field welding generator requires less fuel and horsepower to operate.

IEC and NEMA compliant for welders. Degree of protection by enclosure IP23


Weld Mode CC/DC CV/DC
Weld Output Range 20 – 410 A 14 – 40 V
Weld Output Rated at 40˚ C (104˚ F) 400 A, 20 VDC, 30% Duty Cycle 300 A, 32 VDC, 60% Duty Cycle
Max. OpenCircuit Voltage 65
Generator Power Output Rated at 40˚ C (104˚ F) Peak:12,000 watts Continuous:10,000 watts, 1-phase, 91/46 A, 120/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Sound Levels at Rated Output, 7 m (23 ft.) 71.2 dB (96 Lwa)
Dimensions H: 813 mm (32 in.) W: 667 mm (26.25 in.) D: 1422 mm (56 in.)
Weight (without fuel) Net: 499 kg (1100 lb.) Ship: 522 kg (1150 lb.)

Engine Specifications

Engine Brand Caterpillar C1.5
Features EPA Tier 4i compliant, indirect-injected, liquid-cooled engine. Right-side service access with intervals of 250 hours for oil and filters.
HP 21.7
Type 3-cylinder, industrial,liquid-cooled, diesel
Engine Speeds Weld: 1850 RPM
Capacities Fuel: 43.5 L (11.5 gal.) Oil: 5.7 L (6 qt.) Coolant: 5.7 L (6 qt.)
Automatic Engine Shutdown Low Oil Pressure, High Coolant Temperature, Low Fuel Leve

Performance Data

big blue 400X CC/CV-2 big blue 400X CC/CV-3


Weld Amperes Total Power Available (Watts) 120 V 240 V
225 3000 25 12.5
175 5000 41.6 20.8
125 5900 49.2 24.6
75 7300 60.8 30.4
25 10,000 83.5 41.7

Function Guide

big blue 400X CC/CV-4

1. Optional Self-Calibrating Digital Weld Meters with Fault Code Indication (order #195 289) display preset or actual weld parameters.

2. Eight Preset DIG Settings offer the best arc characteristics for different electrodes and joint designs. The amount of DIG determines how much amperage (heat) varies with Stick arc length. The combined Process switch along with preset DIG settings make the Big Blue 400 X easy to set without the complication of multiple switches.

Hot Start™ provides positive Stick electrode starts making it easy to start all types of electrodes and it also works great for bead tie-ins.

3. Lift-Arc™ TIG with Auto-Stop™ and Crater-out

4. Great FCAW Performance and Arc Starts. Makes it easy to run all flux-cored wires up to 2 mm (5/64 in.) in diameter.

5. Standard 14-Pin Receptacle for simple connection of remote controls and wire feeders. It features Auto Remote Sense™ which automatically switches from Panel to Remote Amperage/Voltage (A/V) control with remote connected. Eliminates confusion of the Panel/Remote A/V switch.

6. Weatherproof Lexan® Nameplate is super durable and resists cracking and fading.Color coding is for ease of operation.

7. Meter Maintenance Displays show fuel level, engine hours, oil change interval and hi temp/low pressure/low fuel shutdown information.

Low Fuel Shutdown shuts engine off prior to running out of fuel to prevent loss of fuel in the system, and make restarts easy.Display will read noFUEL. Turn the machine off, add fuel, and restart.

8. Glow Plugs assist in cold weather starting.

9. Engine Control Switch is used to start and stop the engine.

10. Amperage/Voltage Adjust Control

11. 240 VAC Receptacles with Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers

12. Weld Output Terminals

What Makes Miller® Industrial Engine Drives So[Tough]

Superior Circuit Board Design

Our critical circuit boards are engineered to carrylow power and low heat to reduce thermal stress and minimize expansion and contraction. In contrast, our competitor's boards carryhigh powerandhigh heat, making them more vulnerable to failure.

big blue 400X CC/CV-5 big blue 400X CC/CV-6

"The Big Blue 300 Pro* worked year 'round and never caused any problems. We were amazed at the cold-weather starting. A machine that doesn't run means we have to work overtime… secondly, you don't want to have a crew standing around at $200 an hour while someone tries to start the machine."

big blue 400X CC/CV-7

Why Industrial Engine Drive Customers Choose Miller®

The ultimate test of Miller reliability is how it performs in the field. The quote on the left provide a glimpse of how Miller industrial engine drives perform for customers. Read the full stories, and many others demonstrating our superior reliability, at MillerWelds.com.

Trailer Specifications

Model HWY-224 OFR-224
Gross Axle Weight Rating 1588 kg (3500 lb.)
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 1343 kg (2960 lb.)
Net Payload 1202 kg (2650 lb.)
Height of Bed 47 0 mm (18.5 in.)
Road Clearance 191 mm (7.5 in.)
Track (Center to center of tires) 1321 mm (52 in.)
Standard Tires (Standard rating or P-size rating) B78-13
Dimensions Length: 2667 mm (105 in.) Width: HWY– 1511 mm (59.5 in.)* OFR– 1484 mm (58.437 in.)
Net Weight 145 kg (320 lb.)

Typical Installations

big blue 400X CC/CV-8

Stick (SMAW) Basic Equipment

Flux-Cored (FCAW) Basic Equipment

SuitCase® X-TREME ™ 8VS #300 656

SuitCase® X-TREME™ 12VS #300 659

big blue 400X CC/CV-9

TIG (GTAW) Basic Equipment

Dynasty® 200 Series HF-251D-1 #042 388* *TIG power cable adapter required

Plasma Basic Equipment

Spectrum®375 X-TREME™ #907 529

Spectrum®625 X-TREME™ #907 531

Spectrum®875 #907 390-01-1

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