tank mounted screw compressor dewate screw compressor potable screw air compressor air horse screw compressor refrigerated air dryer dryer and tank screw air compressor refrigerated air dryer-2 compressor-3 compressor-1 high pressure piston air compressor compressor-2 bare unit of compressor oil filter air filter line air filter screw air end desiccant dryer air receiver compressor-4 skeleton of bare unit


Mohammed Amir Ahmed

B.Sc in Chemical Engineering B.U.E.T,1977

positions Held:

EX. Engineer
Period: 1977-1978

EX. Engineer
Power & Distillation Plant,Government of Libya
Period: 1978-1984

EX. General Manager
Regional Marketing Division; Narayanganj
Titas Gas Transmission & Distribution Company Ltd.
Period: 1986-2010

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